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Why advertise through us?

 Pet Friendly Future is one of the world’s largest pet-oriented websites, incorporating over two hundred pages of free information and video content, covering such topics as: choosing a pet, feeding and nutrition, ownership responsibilities, products and toys, training, and veterinary care.

By putting the pet at the forefront of everything we do, we have created a loyal following on all relevant social media sites. We work on behalf of the animal, and we would wish to work with those that embrace that same philosophy, and to promote their products and services to those that visit our site.

What qualities do we seek in our advertising partners?

 As stated at the outset, everything that we do is on behalf of the animal, and as such we would want our advertisers to share that same ethos. To that end, all that we ask is that your products and services are:

  • Animal-friendly
  • Pet-safe

So what do we mean by this?

With regard to animal-friendly, for instance, we don’t believe in using leather collars and leads on pets when there are other non-animal-based materials that are equally good. Of course we can’t do much about food, as many of our beloved pets are obligate carnivores that require meat. But here we would only ask that meat-based ingredients be responsibly sourced and that the nutritional value of the end product is carefully considered.

Pet-safe means that any products or toys are clearly labeled with regard to choking hazards, whether supervision is required, and with clear instruction as how to safely dispose of the product – preferably through recycling – once it has reached the end of its life.

Similarly any services that are offered should put the welfare of the animal at the heart of that business. Whether it is working directly with the animal, as in grooming or training, or indirectly, as in pet insurance, we would welcome any business to advertise through us that is mindful of the best interests of the animal.

What that means in essence is putting the pet before profit. It is clearly understood that all businesses need to make a profit to survive; but equally as businesses in the pet industry, we wouldn’t be here without those pets that provide the means for that revenue.

Being a source for good

The Friendly Future Group also places a high value on the welfare of the planet. For instance, the environmental cost from single-use plastics and poor packaging has been well documented.

We publicly urge all our product-based advertisers to consider their packaging, both as to how their products are packaged and then by what means they are couriered to the end receiver.

Clearly labeled instruction that all packaging should be recycled would be greatly appreciated. Eradicating single-use plastics from the supply line would be even better. We all share the same planet as our pets, and we cannot hope to build a pet friendly future without working in conjunction to secure a planet friendly one.

The benefits of advertising through us

By promoting your products or services through us, you will have established yourself to be a truly pet friendly, environmentally conscious provider of pet products and services.

We can ensure that your advert will be seamlessly inserted into any page where the associated content will mean that it will be relevant to the viewer.

At the same time we would have your service and product details entered into our database, available to be found on our Products & Services page, with drill-down features to better help potential customers match you with their requirements.

We have also partnered with the media team at Ceres Productions Ltd to provide high-end video content that can be used in service of your business.

For more information as to how you can advertise through us, or how Ceres Productions Ltd can create a video for you to promote your products or services, please get in touch. You can find our contact details here.

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